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We provide you with the financial data that you need to use for your business or to power your website.

All our data products and lincenses are designed to allow you to redistribute our data within your website to your membership or subs

Fantastic Support

We can provide all the support you need to integrate our data feeds into your system. Don't have a site yet? Need live interactive charts? We can provide the programming that you need and get you up and going fast.

We will help you to provide valuable content to your membership and give them a reason to use your site.

Super Secure Servers Across 4 Countries

We gaurantee a 99% uptime with our redundant systems.

Our dedicated and secure servers have back-up generators and connected to multiple direct pipelines.

Bond Data

  • U.S. Treasuries
  • FNMA Mortgagage Backed Securities 30Y
  • FNMA Mortgagage Backed Securities 15Y
  • GNMA Mortgage Backed Securities
  • And So Much More..

Market Data

  • Major Stock Indicies
  • Precious Metals
  • ARM Indicies
  • Currencies
  • And So Much More..

News Feeds

  • Stockmarket News
  • Economic News
  • Housing News
  • Bond News
  • Or create your own

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Finanical Information Netork (FIN) is your best source for financial news, steaming data and content for your site.
We have a very simple pricing model that makes it easy for you to provide your clients and subscribers with valuable and timely content.
Check out our stock products such as live MBS and Treasury pricing or let us create a custom feed from our internal sources or our large network of third party data providers.

Why Us ?

  • We have the hard to find data such as MBS that you need.
  • Fast implementation, we can have data to
    your site in minutes .
  • We can provide programming for your site, charts, subscriber base, etc.
  • Affordable prices and discounted plans help with your margins.

Secure Data Feeds

You select the data that you want from our data feed stock or we can create a custom feed for you depending on your needs.

We then create a unique and secure webpage with all of your data in one location. It is then easy for your programmer to incorporate the data into your site or database. Need help? Our programmers can provide any service that you need at a discounted rate for our data feed subscribers.